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The program of intercollegiate athletics is organized and conducted as an integral part of the total educational program of the University. Academic excellence and athletic accomplishments go hand in hand at Sacramento State. There are three separate and unique missions in this program: to contribute to the educational objectives of the University; to provide a healthy, competitive athletic experience to individual student-athletes; to serve as a public relations vehicle within the community.

The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics offers both academic courses and an intercollegiate athletics program. Academic courses offer the opportunity for individuals to gain knowledge and understanding in a particular area of expertise related to intercollegiate athletics.

Sacramento State has made a strong commitment to the achievement of national excellence at the NCAA Division I level. It also is committed to maintaining an equitable program between men and women.

Special Features

  • Most of Sacramento State’s sports are affiliated with the Big Sky Conference.
  • Baseball is a member of the Western Athletic Conference
  • Men’s Soccer and Beach Volleyball are members of the Big West Conference.
  • Gymnastics is a member of the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation.
  • Rowing is a member of the American Athletic Conference.
  • The Student-Athlete Resource Center (SARC) (Lassen Hall 3002) offers a counseling system for student-athletes, designed specifically by the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and Student Affairs to ensure academic development.

Student-Athlete Special Action Review Committee

The Student-Athlete Special Action (SASA) Committee will be convened at the request of the Athletic Admissions & Initial Eligibility Coordinator. The SASA Committee’s purpose is to review, on a case-by-case basis at the request of the Athletic Admissions & Initial Eligibility Coordinator, prospective student-athlete applicants to California State University, Sacramento who do not meet University admission standards and/or NCAA eligibility requirements. The SASA Committee will consider and provide recommendations to the Director of Admissions on whether an applicant should be granted special admission to the University. The primary information to be reviewed will be the applicant’s overall academic performance as demonstrated by grade point average, SAT/ACT scores, and/or complete college coursework. Additional educational evidence may also be considered (e.g., at-risk issues, family background, and learning disability).

The SASA Committee will be comprised of the following individuals and should include at least four voting representatives (five preferred) present at any requested meeting.

  1. NCAA Faculty Athletic Representative
  2. Director of the Academic Advising Center (or their designee)
  3. Representative from the Student-Athlete Resource Center (SARC)
  4. Associate Athletic Director (e.g. Senior Woman Administrator or Associate Athletic Director)
  5. Faculty member of the Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory Committee (IAAC)
  6. Campus staff/faculty/administrator (outside of Athletics and/or SARC) and may include a representative from International Programs and Global Education (IPGE) if the prospective student-athlete is an international student.

Other staff may attend a SASA Review Committee meeting to provide background or serve as support to the committee based on their relationship to the particular case. Example: head coach, admissions representative, SARC Director, International Programs and Global Education representative, etc.

The following process will be used in the review of each case:

  1. If a prospective student-athlete does not meet University admission standards, is denied admission, or denied an admissions appeal to the University because he or she has demonstrated a lack of academic preparedness to succeed in college, the coach may request that the Athletic Admissions & Initial Eligibility Coordinator schedule a meeting with the SASA Committee to review the admission status of the prospective student-athlete and determine whether the granting of a special admission is warranted.  This request may also come from the Undergraduate Admissions Committee or a member of the Office of Global Education depending on the specific student and situation.
  2. The prospective student-athlete, coach and/or athletic director are encouraged to forward or present any relevant information to the SASA Committee for its review and consideration.  This can include the prospective student-athlete being present during the meeting to answer questions and present any background information they believe is important in considering their application.
  3. The admission decision recommended by the SASA Committee for each applicant will be forwarded in writing to the Director of Admission via the Athletic Admissions & Initial Eligibility Coordinator and should include any stipulations or expectations that relate to the student-athlete’s admissions recommendation.
  4. The Director of Admissions will communicate in writing the final admissions decision(s) on each applicant to the respective head coach, the athletics director and the Athletic Admissions & Initial Eligibility Coordinator.
  5. If any stipulations or expectations of the admissions decision(s) are recommended and accepted by the Director of Admissions, a written memorandum of understanding for the approved applicant(s) will be produced by the Athletic Admissions & Initial Eligibility Coordinator and signed by the head coach, student-athlete, and athletic director.


Bill Campbell, Michael Connors, Bunky Harkleroad, Randy Dedini, Dzmitry Hrynashka, Randy Solorio, Brian Katz, Slava Konikov, Michael Linenberger, Mark McGushin, Jeff Magley, Reggie Christiansen, Jody Sears, Lori Perez, David Sutherland, Ruben Volta

Contact Information

Bill Macriss, Director
Martinique Baker, Executive Assistant
Hornet Athletic Center
(916) 278-6348