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University Catalog
PHSC 75. Introduction to Machine Shop Practices. Safe machine operation techniques on common fabrication equipment. Study of materials and methods used to build testing and measuring equipment. Reading and calibrating measuring devices, gauging and optical gauging. Study of measuring conventions and understanding of precision. Interpretation of drawings, tolerances and tactics for maintaining tolerances. Jigs and mounts for dynamic data collection equipment. Prototype manufacturing. Students completing this course qualify to perform work in the shop with minimum supervision. Lecture one hour; Laboratory three hours. Graded: Graded Student. Units: 2.0
PHSC 107. History of the Physical Sciences. Study of the development of the major physical laws presently used in describing our physical world. Some considerations of the influences of these developments on other areas of knowledge and on society in general. Cross Listed: HIST 107; only one may be counted for credit. Graded: Graded Student. Units: 3.0
PHSC 199. Special Problems. Individual projects or directed reading. Note: Open only to students who appear competent to assume individual work on the approval of the instructor. Up to 4 units may be taken for grade. Graded: Graded (CR/NC Available). Units: 1.0 - 3.0.