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The Department of Design is part of the School of the Arts, within the College of Arts and Letters. The Department prepares its students for a wide range of career opportunities in the fields of Graphic Design, Interior Design, and Photography. Our graduates are trained to work creatively and to explore new possibilities in their respective media while at the same time providing the highest quality of professional services to their clients.

The Department of Design recognizes that the environments in which we live and work are shaped by an ever-increasing quantity of visual information. This information, in the form of two and three dimensional images, comes to us from a variety of sources that utilize both traditional and technologically advanced modes of visual communication. To a greater extent than at any other point in our history, artists and designers are dissolving the boundaries between two and three dimensional visualization.

The Department of Design is well positioned to respond to the multifaceted nature of today's visual arts. By offering degree programs in Graphic Design, Interior Design, and Photography we are able to train our students in a wide range of visual and design practices that play a part in creating our built environment. Students in the Department typically take a group of core courses that introduces them to a vocabulary of shared visual concepts and techniques before moving on to advanced study in their selected field.

The Department of Design offers a Bachelor of Arts in Photography and Interior Design, and a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design. Programs in the Department are accredited by NASAD (Graphic Design, Interior Design) and CIDA (formerly FIDER) (Interior Design).


Students that have been accepted to the program, within the Department of Design are required to own a laptop computer and the appropriate software for upper division courses. Upon beginning upper division coursework this requirement must be met. Before purchasing please consult your major advisor or the Department office for specific minimum requirements for the laptop computer and software.

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Gwen Amos, Andrew Anker, Doug Dertinger, Michelle Duff, Mario Estioko, John Forrest, Carolyn Gibbs, Sharmon Goff, James Kenney, Myung Park, Nigel Poor, Richard Pratt

Contact Information

Sharmon Goff, Chair
Jan Lopez, Administrative Support Coordinator
Mariposa Hall 5001
(916) 278-3962; FAX (916) 278-6116