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California Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide an understanding of California's institutions, culture, and environment in a manner that will be occupationally and academically useful to students in a variety of majors. With the state's central role as a gateway to the Pacific basin, substantial knowledge of California will be necessary for those preparing to engage in commerce and international trade. In addition, for students who are planning careers in the public sector, the California Studies minor will furnish background applicable to their future employment.

Requirements - Minor

Total units required for Minor: 21

Courses in parentheses are prerequisites.


ECON 114

The California Economy (ECON 1A and ECON 1B; or ECON 104)


GEOG 131



GOVT 180

California State and Local Government



California History,1860-1970

(9) Select three of the following (must be taken from different departments):

ANTH 123

Ancient Technology

ANTH 128

Indians of California

ECON 132

State and Local Government Finance (ECON 1A and ECON 1B; or ECON 104)

ENVS 110

Contemporary Environmental Issues

GEOG 161

California's Water Resources

GEOL 121

Geology of California (GEOL 5 or GEOL 10)

GOVT 165

Politics of the Underrepresented (GOVT 1 or equivalent; and GWAR certification before Fall 09; or WPJ score of 80+; or 3-unit placement in ENGL 109M/W; or 4-unit placement in ENGL 109M/W and co-enrollment in ENGL 109X; or WPJ score 70/71 and co-enrollment in ENGL 109X)


California History,1542-1860

HIST 185

California Indian History

HIST 186

Ethnic Minorities in California History

RELU 145

Land Use Regulatory Environment (RELU 140)

Note: It is highly recommended that students consider an internship in a California setting offered by one of the participating departments.


Dudley Burton, Environmental Studies; Marsha Dillon, Geography; Patrick Ettinger, History; Brian Hausback, Geology; Wesley Hussey, Government; David Madden, English; Shirley Moore, History

Contact Information

Wesley Hussey, Program Coordinator
Diane Kobely, Academic Support Coordinator
Tahoe Hall 3120
(916) 278-3849