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University Catalog


Centers and institutes contribute significantly to the research, teaching, and service priorities of the University. By attracting external funding, research-based centers and institutes provide opportunities for faculty and students to engage current or emerging problems in a search for new solutions. For more information, please contact the Office of Research Administration at (916) 278-7565 or visit


College of Arts and Letters

  • The Capital Campus History Resources Institute
    Director, Chris Castaneda
  • Center for Contemporary Music
    Director, Stephen Blumberg
  • Center for Practical and Professional Ethics
    Director, Christina Bellon
  • Center for Science, History, Policy and Ethics
    Director, Chloe Burke
  • Institute for the Study of Politics and Media
    Director, Barbara O’Connor
  • Center for World Music
    Director, James Chopyak
  • Center for Hellenic Studies
    Director, Katerina Lagos
  • North Central Information Center
    Director, Lee Simpson

College of Business Administration

  • Center for Small Business
    Director, Dennis Tootelian
  • Institute for Business Research and Consulting
    Directors, Sanjay Varshney and Haken Oczelik
  • Real Estate and Land Use Institute (CSU system)
    Director, Jaime Alvayay

College of Education

  • Cross-Cultural Resource Center
    Director, Nadeen Ruiz

College of Engineering and Computer Science

  • Electrical Power Educational Institute
    Director, Turan Gonen
  • Information Assurance Center
    Director, Isaac Ghansah
  • Office of Water Programs
    Director, Ramzi Mahmood
  • California Smart Grid Center
    Director, Emir Jose Macari

College of Health and Human Services

  • Center for African Peace and Conflict Resolution
    Director, Ernest Uwazie
  • Center for Health and Human Services Research
    Director, Bonnie Raingruber

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

  • Center for Interdisciplinary Molecular Education, Research and Advancement (CIMERA)
    Director, Thomas Savage
  • Center for Mathematics and Science Education (MASE)
    Director, Judi Kusnick
  • Center for Regional Environmental Science and Technology (CREST)
    Director, Susan Crawford
  • Center for STEM Excellence
    Directors, Jill Trainer (NSM) and Emir Jose Macari (ECS)

College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies

  • The Archaeological Research Center
    Director, Mark Basgall
  • Center for Economics Education
    Director, Timothy Ford
  • Asian Pacific Islander American Research Center (APIARC)
    Director, Tim Fong
  • Center for Family Studies
    Director, Ann Moylan
  • Center for Pacific Asian Studies
    Director, Pattaratorn Chirapravati
  • Center for California Studies
    Director, Tim Hodson
  • Center for Collaborative Policy
    Director, Susan Sherry
  • Gerontology-Longevity Center
    Director, Cheryl Osborne
  • Institute for Archaeology and Cultural Studies
    Director, SSIS Dean’s Office
  • Institute for Higher Education Leadership and Policy
    Director, Nancy Shulock
  • Institute for Social Research
    Director, Ernest Cowles
  • Iranian and Middle Eastern Studies Center
    Director, Bahman Fozouni

Note: Centers and Institutes are added and removed from the list as funding and programs evolve. Please visit for the most current listing or contact David Earwicker at (916) 278-3668.